In one of the first and largest collaborations between the Ukrainian and American film communities, The Rising Hawk has proven to be a huge success in its creation. An international team of filmmakers and actors were brought together from all over the world, including Ukraine, United States, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany to construct this sprawling historical epic. The quality of the work produced and the authenticity with which they were able to work together as artists, has laid a foundation for what we hope are many more global collaborations and cinematic stories in the future.

Title: The Rising Hawk

Year: 2019

Language: English

Genre: Historical, Action, Drama

Directed by: John Wynn, Akhtem Seitablayev

Scriptwriter: Richard Ronat, Yaroslav Voytseshek / Based on the novel by Ivan Franko

Production: Kinorob, Cinema Day

Produced by: Egor Olesov, Yuriy Karnovsky, Jeff Rice, Raja Collins, Nathan Moore, John Wynn